Discover Key Consumer Insights and How to Prioritize Safe Animal Handling May 16-17 in Kansas City, MO

Balancing the upkeep of a robust animal welfare program while keeping an eye on ever-evolving consumer expectations for animal welfare can be challenging. Join us at the Animal Care & Handling Conference to gain valuable consumer insights from industry analysts and those who hear from consumers daily in the restaurant and retail industry segment. This year’s event will also dive into how to prioritize safety through worker training and facility design. From new topics in animal welfare like gene editing to animal welfare research exploring artificial intelligence, attendees will hear from leading academic and industry experts and walk away with best practices for prioritizing safe animal handling and new insights into consumer expectations.


Consumer Trends in Animal Welfare with Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics, LLC

Consumer animal welfare perceptions, interpretations, and expectations are ever-changing. If you're looking for the latest view of our world through consumers' eyes, be sure to attend this year's keynote address by Anne-Marie Roerink, the expert on consumer trends in meat perceptions and realities. Attendees will walk away with a more in-depth understanding of how to help your organization navigate consumer trends in animal welfare. 


Restaurant, Retail & Home Delivery Panel

Representatives from Wendy's, McDonald's, H-E-B, and Hello Fresh will take the stage to share their company's approaches to animal welfare, what influences their decisions, and invaluable insights from their customer base. 

Livestock Gene Editing

Gene editing is a tool that has the potential to improve livestock health, welfare, and sustainability. Experts from Pig Improvement Company and Acceligen will share their ongoing gene editing research and discuss traits they are exploring that can help speed up genetic improvement and benefit animal welfare. 

Safe Animal Handling Facility Design

Safety is paramount when handling animals, and worker training and a facility setup that promotes safe animal handling are important pieces in developing a culture of safety at your facility. Don't miss the opportunity to hear from experts in safe animal handling facility design and developing training programs centered around safety. 

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