See You Next Year, October 9-11, for the 2024 Protein PACT Summit!

The annual Protein PACT (People, Animals, Climate of Tomorrow) Summit is the premier event for meat industry leaders to gather for education, discussion, and networking as we work toward the bold goals of the Protein PACT. This year's event explored how building on industry baselines and maximizing partnerships across the supply chain is imperative for the future of the meat industry. From opportunities and insights with investors and customer groups and diving into vital research on the importance of scientific communication in building consumer trust to ESG investing and how it's driving sustainability projects and priorities in the animal protein space, the 2023 event and everyone gathered  moved the industry forward in its commitment to a sustainable future. 

Thank you for your participation in these thought-provoking discussions. We look forward to seeing you all again October 2024 in Austin, Texas! 

2023 Featured Attendees

See the companies from across the animal protein value chain leading the industry's continuous improvement in each of the five focus areas.

2023 Featured Speakers 

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Brent Patmos, President and COO of Fresh Mark discusses what continuous improvement means to him.

Pete Stoddart, Director of Community & Employee Engagement at Cargill, shares the initiatives Cargill is implementing to give back to local and global communities and the importance of animal protein in reducing hunger and providing nutrient-dense meals. 

Julie Anna Potts, President and CEO of NAMI, discusses the association's vision and mission during this pivotal window in the industry and the hurdles we may face. She explains how the Protein PACT fits into the picture and will ultimately contribute to achieving global goals in sustainability, animal welfare, nutrition, and more.

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